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Effortlessly access ‘Financial Reports’ on your smartphone now!

Financial dashboard design for business intelligence (BI) and analytics in Power BI mobile app has reinvented the concept of tracking finance-related key performance indicators. Power BI is a powerful tool to track financial KPIs and related metrics of a company. It gives a clear picture of the expenses and revenues of an organization and helps them deal with a plethora of challenges. In a recent study by Garter, one-third of all business intelligence clients use mobile devices to monitor their financial KPIs.

So, the mobile app dashboard design is the hottest and most trending BI tool to look out for, and this distinction is nowhere close to an end.

Ever wonder! Why not every designer out there is being recognized? It’s because not everyone is skilled enough! In simple words, there is always quality over quantity. Things tend to get really perplexed when it comes to handling analytics on a mobile device. Sounds laborious right?

Not anymore! With our support, now you can access your business data anywhere and everywhere. We have a team of experienced and skilled BI experts who incorporate a history of serving more than 100 clients across the globe.

Our Financial Reporting Custom Solutions using Power BI is Mobile-View friendly and will assist you in reading interactive financial reports with utmost convenience.

So, are you ready to experience Excel Financial reports in an easy-to-understand Mobile-View of Power BI? Don’t wait anymore! Just reach out to us. You will be assisted by the best of experts from our team.

EClytics is an emerging leader in mobile app analytics: We provide a full-scale mobile app analytics solution for finance and accounts related reports


For viewing the report on mobile apps first you have to set up the same report in Mobile-View on your desktop.

  1. Mobile views can be opened on both the Power BI desktop as well as Power BI service.
  2. The Power BI desktop enables the mobile layout in the view tab. You can access and open Mobile Layout View as mentioned below:
  3. Drag the items (also called tiles) you wish to view on the mobile canvas. The features of mobile view are as follows:
  4. Mobile layout canvas: This includes a grid line canvas which assists in arranging the visuals. Here you can turn on/off the grid, enable/disable snap-to-grid, and lock visuals.
  5. Page-visuals pane: This features all the visuals of the desktop view and these views are dragged and dropped into the mobile layout canvas.Visualization pane: Here, style and format settings are given which are applicable to the selected visuals of the layout canvas. This includes:
    1. •Grid orientation and style setting
    2. •Different shapes are used to fit mobile design
    3. •Visuals’ font size can be changed
    4. •Use of slicers for on-canvas filtering selections pane: Here, the layering order of visuals on the canvas is enabled. The first visual is on the top-most layer and the last visual is on the bottom.
  6. Once the mobile view is designed, you can log in to the mobile app and explore the reports.

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