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Number of Matches Played In Indian Cricket Stadiums

Cricket is the most beloved sport in India. It was first introduced in India in the early 1700s by some British sailors. The first Indian cricket match was played in 1721, but it wasn’t until 1932 that the test status was conferred. India’s first-ever test victory over England occurred in 1952, and it was a watershed moment for the country. Later in the same year, they won their first test-series which was against Pakistan.

India won the first ICC World Cup in 1983, and the sport of cricket has progressed dramatically since then.

ODIs, T20s, and test matches are the most important formats in cricket.

One-Day International (ODI) is a type of limited-overs cricket game played between two international teams in which each team is given a set amount of overs, currently 50, and the game can run up to 8 hours.

Twenty20 (T20s) cricket is a condensed version of the game where each team has a single innings with a maximum of 20 overs.

Test matches are a five-day set of contests. The total runs are calculated by adding the scores from each team’s two innings.

The infographic illustrates the matches played in each Indian stadium, with Eden Gardens (Kolkata) topping the list as the birthplace of India’s first cricket club. When it comes to test matches, New Delhi and Chennai are on par, while the former outperforms the latter in T20s and ODIs.

Both Guwahati’s Barsapara Stadium and Thiruvananthapuram’s Greenfield International Stadium have hosted an identical number of ODIs and T20s, however neither has hosted a test match.

Although the Indian cricketing system has many of the same shortcomings as the Indian state, it has built the most competitive marketplace in a way that the state’s economy has not.

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