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Ribbon Chart : An Ultimate visualization in Power BI

A ribbon chart in Power BI is a visualization used to display the change in values of a data series over time or any other category. It is also known as a Marimekko chart or a Mekko chart.

Understanding Ribbons of a Ribbon Chart:

Comparison between Ribbon Chart & Stacked Column Chart :

A ribbon chart is a next generation Stacked Column Chart. Do you know why? Let us find out!

e.g. In below Chart, performance of Central region was rank 2 in 2012 and now its rank 1 in 2015.

On the other hand, normal stacked column charts in Power BI only help us to understand the share of each category by size.

Stacked Column Chart

Thus, we can see that how a Ribbon Chart can be more impactful than a simple stacked column chart and we can say it is like a next generation stacked column chart.

How to create a Ribbon Chart in Power BI?

Let us learn how to create a ribbon chart in Power BI:

  • First of all, To create a ribbon chart in Power BI, open Power BI>> upload the data you want to create the chart on and >> select Ribbon chart from the Visualizations panel.
  • Now in the Build visual section, Drag Year in the X Axis, Profit Y Axis, and Region in Legend.
  • The ribbon chart prepared shows the rank for every year. Notice how rank changes across time. For example, Central Region moves from second to fifth from 2012 to 2015.


A ribbon chart is an advanced version of the stacked column chart in Power BI. While both chart types show the relationship between categories and subcategories, ribbon charts offer several advantages over stacked column charts.

First, ribbon charts use ribbons to represent the proportion of each subcategory, making it easier to compare the relative sizes of different categories or subcategories.

Second, ribbon charts can show changes over time, which is not possible with a standard stacked column chart.

Finally, ribbon charts are more visually appealing and intuitive than stacked column charts, making them an ideal choice for presenting complex data in a clear and concise format. Overall, ribbon charts are an advanced and powerful tool that can help businesses gain valuable insights from their data.

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