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Year Wise Satellite Launches In The Indian Space Odyssey

Space, the universe, solar system and planets have interested human beings since ancient times. With every new exploration, the desire to know more about space grows, developing it as a sector of research and development at a geo level. India’s space growth continues to support economic development and has helped us to build a broad scientific and technical infrastructure.

1963 is the year that is marked as the birth of the modern space age in India when a small rocket took off from Thumba in Kerala. Since then, India has been aiming for various other missions and has honestly achieved a lot.

Aryabhatta was India’s first satellite built by ISRO and launched in the year 1975 by the erstwhile Soviet Union. In 1979, the infographic shows the failed attempt to launch SLV-3 carrying Rohini into space orbit. Soon after, the launch was successful when they tried again next year.

APPLE was the first experimental communication satellite with a successful launch in the year 1981. It provided an experience in building and operating a payload experiment with a stabilized communication satellite.

Soon after this, there were many other Indian and foreign satellites that were launched by ISRO and they highlighted India’s journey to a self-reliant space program. In 2018, India made history by launching 9 successful satellites in just one year, along with many foreign satellites.

Statistics show that till the year 2020, a total of 111 satellites have been launched into the Indian Space Odyssey, out of which 100 were successful and 11 failed.

Indian Scientists have made commendable progress in outer space and have given a push to every aspect of our national policies and programs contributing widely towards socio-economic development of India, besides economic and scientific progress.

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