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This solution provides an interactive means of communicating and evaluating the HR performance of your company.

Presenting relevant HR KPIs and metrics, this solution enables informed decision-making to boost your HR Monitoring effectively.

HR Analytics Dashboard for Data-Driven Decisions

Power BI Features

Interactive Dashboard

Create visually appealing dashboards to view and analyze data in order to obtain precise business insights.

Scheduled Refresh

You can define the frequency and time periods for refreshing the dataset in the Scheduled refresh section.

Advanced Analytics

Business users can utilize the advanced analytics feature to examine data & gain insights at all levels of the organization.

Mobile View Dashboards

Connect to and interact with your cloud and on-premises data with Power BI’s mobile apps.

Self-Service BI

Self-service BI is a data analytics method that allows non-BI users to access and examine datasets.



Users can obtain essential business information in the quickest & most efficient way possible with the help of alerts.

HR Analytics Dashboard for Data-Driven Decisions

Modern, interactive dashboards make use of an HR analytics platform, which allows for the easy combination of data from various systems and detailed exploration of this data immediately within the dashboard. This allows HR departments to swiftly uncover insights that can improve recruiting, optimize workplace management, and boost employee performance. You can also monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

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HR Analytics Dashboards?

One Shop Platform

Create visually appealing dashboards to view and analyze data in order to obtain precise business insights.

Optimized Calculations

You can define the frequency and time periods for refreshing the dataset in the Scheduled refresh section.

Team of

We have a team of highly proficient yet experienced team of experts providing you with the best of our resources.

End-to-End Integration

We offer end to end integration for all the complex data sourced from various locations hence providing you with a smart yet simple solution.


Headcount Total number of employees.
Headcount - Age Range Employee Categorized According to their age
Headcount - Contract type Type Employees are permanent or contractual
Headcount - Education wise Headcount of employees education wise
Headcount - Age Range Categorized according to their age
Headcount -State wise Categorized according to their State wise
New Joiners Total number of New Joiners
New Joiners - Age Range New Joiners categorized According to their age
New Joiners - Gender New joiners categorized according to gender men and women
New Joiners - Contract type Type New Joiners are permanent or contractual
New Joiners - Education wise Total New Joiners of employees education wise
New Joiners - Department & Salary Classification Acc. to department and Tenure
New Joiners - State wise State wise Hiring
Termination Total number of employees Terminated
Termination - Gender Termination Men & Women categorically
Terminated - Contract type Type Employees are permanent or contractual
Termination - Education wise Termiantion of employees education wise
Terminated - Department & tenure wise Terminated to department and tenure wise
Termination - Age Range Termination according to their age
Termination - Reason Wise Leaving reason analyses chart activities
Total Salary expenses Total amount of all salaries for the analyzed period
Average Monthly Salary by Gender Average Monthly Salary by Gender wise
Average Bonus Percentage Percentage of Average bonus given to Employees
Average rating Average performance rating of the employees
Average monthly salary Average monthly salary of employees
Average Employee Cost Average of Sum of all wages paid to employee
Average Annual salary by Grade Band & Education Average salary according to grade pay & education
Average monthly salary by tenure Average of monthly Salary Tenure wise
Employees doing Overtime by Department Overtime of employees Department wise
Training Total no. of training Conducted
Training Type Participants by training type
Training-Education wise Participants categorized by education wise
Training - Cost Cost distributed acc. to training wise
Training - Man hours Man hours distributed Training wise
Training – Age Range Participants categorized acc. To their age
Training – Department wise Participants categorized acc. To their age
Absenteeism Leaves per year
Leaves – Contract Type Type of employees are Permanent or Contractual
Leaves -Avg. Average Sick , Annual and earned Leaves
Leaves – Age Range Average Sick , Annual and earned Leaves
Leaves- Grade Band Leaves categorized ac. To Grade
Leaves – Department Leaves categorized acc. To Department

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"The models created by the EClytics team enabled us to target our retention efforts and take immediate action to retain at-risk customers. The insights from their analysis also enabled us to make strategic decisions which boosted customer lifetime value."
Rajib Kumar Jha
Nestle India Private Limited
"When we first contacted EClytics, we needed expert advice on the creation of the sales dashboard for our data. Their team analyzed our work and provided a clear road map. Since we were so pleased with the outcome, we contacted them again for the inventory dashboard as well.”
Ata John Ochil
D&D Ingrident Distributors
"I highly recommend EClytics. The total package: excellent credentials, strong statistical and data mining skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs, compelling and concise communications, strong client management skills, and a results-driven mindset.”
Neha Dhawan
Michelin India Private Limited
"EClytics built world-class Dashboard for our company. Easy to filters reports day, week, monthly wise data. There are lots of other options which will help us to increase our business. Thanks ECLytics team."
prashant nayak
Prashant Nayak
Web dev buddies
"I worked together with Lokesh and his team on at least 5 analytic tasks over 3 years for a mutual client. They are consummate professionals – they bring an uncommon skill-set to bear on every engagement."
Dr. Anindya Bhattacharya
The Celestial Earth
"EClytics Consulting team provides insights, ideas, and suggestions to better our business. We are very happy with the sales and inventory dashboards they made for our company."
Aashish Malik
D'Decor Home Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.

Brands that "Trust us"

Brands that "Trust us"